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CBIO 2014 at Saint-Malo
September 2014 in Saint-Malo: Olivier, Jean-Daniel, Erwan, Victor, Alice, Jean-Louis, Elsa, Matahi, Svetlana, Azadeh, Chloé, Beyrem, JP, Xiwei, Véronique, Marine, Nino, Christian, Yunlong, Nelle
CBIO 2013 in Cassis
June 2013 in Cassis: Nelle, Véronique, Emile, Pierre, Denis, Erwan, JP, Thomas, Elsa, Edouard, Alice, Carl-Johann, Matahi, Yunlong
CBIO 2012 in Sancerre
June 2012 in Sancerre: Christian, Kevin, Thomas, Toby, Anne-Claire, Nelle, JP, Andrea, Véronique, Elsa, Matahi
CBIO 2011 in Fontainebleau
Summer 2011 in Fontainebleau: JP, Pierre, Omar, Matahi, Toby, Christian, Yoshi
CBIO 2010 Christmas Dinner
Christmas 2010: Sofia, JP, Véro, Franck, Toby, Edouard, Pierre, Fantine, Anne-Claire, Yoshi, Misha
CBIO 2009 in Fontainebleau
June 2009: Yoshi, JP, Philippe, Fantine, Laurent, Anne-Claire, Misha, Christian, Kevin...
CBIO 2006 in Fontainebleau
Bouldering in Fontainebleau (July 2006). Back: Franck, JP, Laurent. Front: Pierre, Véro, Misha. Sorry, Christian, Martial and Joannès were missing that day!
CBIO 2004 at work
June 2004: JP, Christian, Véronique, Karen, Marco, Pierre, Martial
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