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Administrative stuff (Mines)

Check the Mines intranet for many useful resources, in particular (but not limited to):

We detail below how the most common tasks should be done.


Plan a trip without any expense ("ordre de service")

This is the case, for example, if you are invited somewhere. If your employer is Mines, you need to fill an "ordre de service" before the trip starts.

  1. Download and fill the ordre the service with the informations you
    • you don't care about "indice majoré" and "emploi", just leave empty
    • "grade" is your job, such as "professor", "directeur de recherche", "doctorant", ...
    • for "Résidence administrative" just click "Paris"
    • "véhicule administratif" usually leave blank
  2. Send the form by email to CBIO's director ( )
  3. That's all! You should receive by email a copy of your ordre de service signed by both CBIO's director and Mines' director. If you don't receive anything, hassle CBIO's director to make sure he reads his email, adds the electronic signature to your form and clicks the "Envoi au SG pour signature"'s button.


Plan a trip with expenses ("ordre de mission")

This happens when CBIO covers all or part of the trip, such as plane/train ticket, hotels, meals etc... In that case, reservations need to be made throught the official suppliers. Check the intranet for lots of informations and links to forms.

As of January, 2017, we follow the "old" system where we first contact the travel agency to get a quote, then make an ordre de mission; but soon we should have a new system called "Nautilus" where reservations are done online and replace ordre de mission. We explain the current "old" system below, and will update with informations about Nautilus when it is ready. More informations are available in this note.

When the trip involves more than 10 persons, we need to follow a specific procedure as explained on the Intranet; here we just explain how to proceed for "individual" trips, of less than 10 persons.

  1. Ask a quote to the travel agency: contact or Eva or Corinne at 01 56 80 05 05 
    • tell them you ask a quote from MINES ParisTech, as part of the "marché 2016/04193 Havas/online" if they ask
  2. Fill an "ordre de mission"
    • Centre de dépense : L1430
    • Centre de rattachement : Bio-informatique
    • Personne en charge du dossier: / / WALTER Thomas / 60 bd Saint-Michel
    • Référence interne du centre, subvention: by default leave empty
    • Fill your own information in the next box (name, phone etc..) and your itinerary in the next box
    • In the "montant devis site" boxes, report que quotes of the travel agency
    • In the next box, enter the expected amounts of other expenses (food, taxi, ...). 
    • For food, enter the number of meals (less or equal to the total number possible, based on the dates of the trip). You will get reimbursed a fixed amount per meal, without providing any receipt. For a trip in France, it is fixed to 15,25€, but for a trip abroad it is 17.5% of the "indemnité journalière" that you need to enter in a box. To get the indemnité journalière, obtain it from the official list available through a link from this page, and multiply it by the official exchange rate available through a link from the same page
    • Copy/paste the quote you obtained by email from the travel agency in the next page(s).
    • Save the PDF, and send it by mail to CBIO's director:
    • CBIO's director will then sign it electronically and click the "Envoi au SF" button; you should then quickly receive back by email the "ordre de mission" signed by the service financier, as well as the tickets/vouchers by email from the travel agency. 
  3. Have a good trip! Keep all receipts/tickets if you pay expenses you would like to claim, such as bus/parking (but not food, which is reimbursed by a fixed amount without receipt)
  4. Once you're back from the trip, you need to fill the "réalisation de mission" form, which is pre-filled in the penultimate (last but one) page of the "ordre de mission"; alternatively you can download a blank new "réalisation de mission" from this page
    • enter (again) the number of meals and nights. Only those mentioned in the "Payant" box will be reimbursed.
    • add in "Frais divers" the various other expenses you claim, print, sign
    • collect all receipts/ticket you have for the expenses you claim;
    • scan everything, create a single PDF by merging your "ordre de mission" with updated "réalisation de mission" page, together with all scanned receipts; call it YYMM_name_trip.pdf (e.g., 1712_vert_nips.pdf) and upload it
    • and send all original receipts and the "réalisation de mission" form by internal snail mail to Vassili Selerier (Service financier).

CBIO administrators will then be able to access all files for future use in the "MissionEcole" subfolder of the shared CBIO google drive folder.

If your trip involves no travel agency (e.g., only local trip by bus and meal), you basically should follow the same process but use the "Hors marché: sans fournisseur" ordre de mission.

Buy something

To buy something:

  1. Get a quote from a provider (e.g., a quote for a computer from DELL). Note that for most things, you are not free to choose where to buy your stuff, but you must instead go through the official providers which are listed on this page . The page also explains whom to contact to get a quote for each provider. Examples:
    • To buy paper or ink for printers, order them to (login=J_VERT, password=jD3d9iz2q). Choose what you want and click "commander", and save a copy of the "devis". Note that the printer@Mines is a HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M476dw. 
  2. Send the quote (devis) to (service financier): he will enter the information in the SIREPA system (Isabelle Schmitt used to do it, but since it is too complicated for us we agreed that Grégory would do it for us). This will launch the official order and you should receive your package.
  3. Once the package is received, keep the "bon de livraison", sign it (to acknowledge you received the material) and send it by internal snail mail to Valérie Moquereau (service financier).


Hire an intern

  • Any question? Ask Loïc Maillard (bureau de la paye)
  • The procedure to hire an intern is explained here
  • Interns are paid (about 554€/month) if the internship is >44 days (2 months full time). Check with CBIO director we can afford it.
  • As explained in the procedure there are basically 2 things to do to hire an intern (+1 for non-EU students):
    • sign a "convention de stage": there is a model available on the intranet, sometimes the students come with their own; in that case check with Loïc Maillard if it is acceptable. Once signed, send it to Loïc Maillard, and a scaned copy by email to CBIO director
    • send to Loïc Maillard the papers to get paid (copy of ID, insurance, RIB...) as explained in the procedure
    • For non-EU student, an "accord du HFD" must be required first; contact Aissita Diakité for that (warning, this may take weeks!)
  • Every month, the supervisor must send an "attestation de présence" to Loïc Maillard (cc: CBIO director) for the student to get paid. A model is available on the intranet.